Manchester is one of the most amazing cities in the entirety of the United Kingdom as this city has so much to offer to anyone who visits or decides to live here. You’ll find an abundance of great places and meet quirky and interesting people as this city is truly perfect in every single way so let’s learn why this city is one of the best in the United Kingdom and perhaps even the globe.

If its sport you’re after then Manchester does it the best! Image result for manchester sport

With the two most famous and largest football clubs in the world it’s a no brainer that this is the capital of sport in the United Kingdom. The commonwealth games has also left this marvellous city with world-class facilities which include the Manchester Velodrome, Manchester Aquatics Centre, Regional Athletics Arena and the National Squash Centre. So sporting prowess is definitely what Manchester is all about for sure. If you have an avid interest in sport then you can always visit any of these locations and depending on what kind of sport you’re into I’m sure you join a club and be able to get involved with the local community.

The arts of Theatre really are a must here

With a twenty five million pound arts centre being created a few years back you can really feel the theatre everywhere you go. There has also been plans for an arts space in the old Granada studios which is due to open sometime within 2019 which will bring more fantastic arts towards the scene of Manchester. As the saying goes the “whole world is a stage” Manchester really does promote such incredible people that provide all sorts of diverse theatre, dance, music and more. When walking the streets of this amazing city you’ll be truly enamoured by the diversity of this wonderful city and you might even find a few artsy stuff that might be happening near you!

The Music scene is absolutely immense A picture of Oasis

There are a load of bands that have come out of Manchester which are now world famous like Oasis for example. You’ll find that there are many venues that provide live music every night like the 02 Manchester Academy which hosts local and world famous bands there every weekend. You’ll also find that many of Manchester’s pubs’ host live music on a daily basis as well which just affirms the fact that Manchester is a city where the party never stops! So if you’re looking for that bright and eventful evening then Manchester has everything you need!

Shopping galore

You really cannot shop anywhere but in Manchester as there is everything from the highest retail stores to wacky and wonderful independent stores. You could be hunting for the best bargains possible in the Arndale Centre or splashing the cash in any of the luxury designer shops it really doesn’t matter as we have it all. Also you will notice that we have one of the largest shopping centres in Europe in Trafford which is nicknamed the Trafford Centre.    

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