Dating in Manchester


Whether you are already in a full-on relationship where you are loved up, or a single Pringle who is an amateur when it comes to dating, we want to help you.

We know that sometimes finding the perfect date can be tricky. Whether it’s fussy eating or cost, there always seems to be a problem. I mean, will you ladies ever decided what you want to eat, just once?

If you are in a dating crisis then this article may just fill your appetite!

The suggestions below have been picked by are-kid who has certainly been on the dating scene for far too long.


Fill your boots!

Manchester is home to dozens of stunning restaurants and a large variety of different cuisines from around the globe. If you fancy, Chinese, Lebanese, British, Indian or Japanese, you will certainly find the perfect plate in Manny.

Here are just some of the options available.


TOPS Buffet

If you fancy different cuisines all at once, then Manchester is full of buffets, and TOPS is just one of them.

TOPS Buffet is located in the Heart of Manchester’s city centre.

They are one of the many buffets designed to provide an experience of fantastic cuisine and a huge variety of dishes from across the globe. There really is something for everyone!

Price – The prices at Tops vary on what time of day you decide to visit the restaurant, prices start from £8.50 per person.

Food – The food quality is good/excellent and you will certainly be filling as many plates as possible, each dish is usually well cooked and tantalisingly tasty.

Atmosphere – This place has a busy atmosphere and can sometimes be overcrowded, however, it is completely worth it as nothing says good food like lots of regular customers.


106 Portland St, Manchester M1 4RJ


Crazy Pedro’s

If you want to have great food without the hustle and bustle of booking a restaurant or buffet, Crazy Pedro’s is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed date where you can eat pizza and drink cocktails to your heart’s content.

Price – The prices at Crazy Pedro’s are extremely fair for when you see the portion sizes of the food. Also with happy hour deals where food and cocktails are reduced it really is worth the money. For example, on Happy Hour it’s £10 for a family sized (16”) pizza.

Food – The food is phenomenal, their pizza is famously known in Manchester. If you hadn’t heard about them then you must be living under a rock. Adam Richmond (AKA man Vs Food) visited just to try some of the reputations of there pizza.

Atmosphere – This place has a busy atmosphere as it isn’t only just a pizza place but also a bar, with lots of Caribbean/reggae music and cocktails it is certainly ideal for a date.


An added bonus we need to mention, it is open till 4:00 am most nights meaning you can party all night at Crazy Pedro’s or grab a slice while you are on your way back from a night out!


55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ


James Martin Manchester

If you want to splash your cash and impress your date then how about some high-class fine-dining.

James Martin is a famous chef and host, known for his work on the BBC and ITV. Now the prestigious chef has his very own restaurant open in Manchester’s Centre which showcases fabulous food and posh dishes!

Be prepared to spend, but it’s certainly worth it!

Price – If you have lots of cash or are planning on spending a lot of money on food then James Martin is perfect for you. Yes, it is expensive but as an overall, it is certainly worth it!

Food – Have you ever eaten a meal designed and created by a famous chef, if not then this is your opportunity, the food is impeccable!

Atmosphere – This is a posh venue meaning it is a dress to impress event and if you are looking for a party environment this wouldn’t be suitable for you.


2 Watson St, Manchester M3 4LP


With these three restaurants/food bars I am only scratching the surface of the choice available in Manchester Centre, if you want some more ideas than you can always visit Trip Advisor or find out for yourself.


Fun-Filled Dates

They say first impressions are the most important, so why not make it count.

If you have an upcoming date, instead of going for a stereotypical drink or a standard meal, do something different. This will definitely make it more memorable!

If you want a date idea that will blow your partner away then here are a few great suggestions.


Junkyard Golf

For something fun to do on your date this is certainly perfect for you.

Junkyard golf is an indoor crazy golf centre where you and your date can have lots of fun, and a little friendly competition.

I forgot to mention, the hole golf course (no pun intended) is made out of materials recycled from a ‘Junkyard’.

They also offer you great beer and food, whilst having a retro zone where you can play on vintage gaming consoles and have a quick game of darts or pool.

What more could you ask for!

Price – At only £8.00 or £9.50 (depending on the day) this date will cost you a small amount but give you the maximum fun, with drinks and food available you have everything all in one place.

Food & Bevs– Offering bottled bevs and pints on tap, or soft drinks if you don’t drink, meaning it is suitable for anyone. The food is your typical grub, hotdogs and nachos, etc.

Atmosphere – This really is a fun place to go with lots of music, fun and games, you are sure to have a good night and an incredible first date.


Unit 1, First Street, Manchester, M15 4FN


Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing

Yes you read that correctly, you can now visit Whistle Punks Urban Axe Centre and see who has the best aim!

You might think this is crazy for a date idea but it isn’t something you do every day and will certainly make it memorable.

Whistle Punks will teach you how to have fun throwing axe and teach you the safe method, meaning you won’t come to any harm and can make it a friendly competition, how cool is that!

Price – Now, at £20, this experience may be a bit more expensive in comparison to Junkyard golf but, this is an experience which is very rare to do and you will definitely and enjoy.

Food & Bevs– Now as you are using a deadly weapon, they do not serve alcohol, but they do serve hot and cold soft drinks and snacks at there snack bar.

Atmosphere – If you love a bit of light-hearted competition and want to have a night to remember then Axe throwing would be ideal for you!


235 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN


If you like these unusual date idea and want more ideas then follow the link below.