Manchester Nightlife


As the capital of the Northwest, Manchester offers some of the most exciting nightlife possibilities to tourists and residents. From thriving super-clubs to smaller back-street-bars; visitors can expect a little bit for everyone, regardless of age, preferences and gender. Join us as we discuss what’s hot and what’s not in the heart of Greater Manchester!

Different types of nightlife to enjoy in Manchester.

The Party Scene

Manchester boasts an impressive nightlife, with a rich heritage of live music and talent coming from Manchester and plenty of out of town talent also flocking to Manchester, whether you’re looking to entertain or be entertained Manchester is more than the perfect spot.

With one of the busiest music scenes up and down the country, Manchester has more than enough clubs and bars to suit your needs, these include live music, rock, rap, party anthems and chilled out acoustic venues, both big and small are available all over Manchester.

If the more heavily populated music scene is too much for you and you prefer a quiet night of the arts, then Manchester also has small bars from cute and quirky to outlandishly brilliant with theatres and picture houses to keep everyone entertained when the sun goes down.

A Big Night Out

Lola Lo.

Phone: 0161 835 1771

Address: Arches 9 -10, Deansgate Locks,, Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5LH


Lola Lo, Manchester 3 floor party heaven is a cheeky tiki tavern themed spot, with a capacity of 560 people, Lola Lo aims to please and makes no qualms about the raucous it likes to put on full display at night.

With skilled artisans from 5 in the evening till late serving the best exotic beach themed drinks and delicious pizza on deck it’s no wonder Lola Lo’s three floors are a party paradise.

Located in Deansgate Locks, Lola Lo breathes a vibrant and exciting new vibe into the scene and with special additions such as a fancy dress box, it seems partying and a bit of escapism for your imagination is what Lola Lo aims to achieve, and judging by its bustling scene, it’s succeeding.

Tiger Tiger

Phone: 0161 385 8080

Address: The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2BS


Keeping up with the spirit of partying and escapism is Manchester’s room hopping club Tiger Tiger. Aiming to take you on an adventure with them Tiger Tiger supports 8 different party rooms all themed individually so you never get bored.

Cocktail making classes are also available on the night if you feel like having a cheeky learning lesson with a bit more fun. Who says learning can’t be a party as well?

If you are looking for somewhere to have a birthday party, hen night or just a big night out to celebrate, you can book one of Tiger Tiger’s rooms just for yourself. Party advisors are there to help you pick out your exact theme and carefully construct your perfect night down to what songs you want to hear. So invite your party animal friends and welcome them to Manchester’s thriving jungle.


Phone: 0161 833 9923

Address: 4 Ridgefield, Manchester M2 6EQ


Suburbia Cocktails is Manchester prestigious club. Despite its modest name this club is far from the quiet suburban environment the name may invoke in your mind. It’s not so much hedges, fences and desperate housewives than it is cocktails, fancy seating and a late night crowd ready to party.

In suburbias own words, the dark and grimy scene Manchester is also known for can “go home, this is strictly a glamour and sex appeal zone.”

Manchester’s Suburbia is the second location occupied by Suburbia. First opening its doors in Cheshire 4 years ago the rapidly growing club came to Manchester in 2015 with a basic aim to create somewhere to ‘finish your night’.

In the words of Suburbia owner, Tom, Manchester has been crying out for a club where people can finish their night, as there are a lot of great bars and drinking spots to start your night.

Suburbias formula is simple, great drinks, a dance floor, and a crowed that wants to have a good time, if that sounds like your type of night, suburbia is more than a perfect place to get glam and dance.


Phone: 07563 200750

Address: Longworth St, Manchester M3 4BQ


Club Suede is one of the most impressive nightclubs in Manchester. A Super club with a huge dance floor, a more than impressive lighting and music system people from all over the country come here to let their hair down and party. As well as entertaining a general party crowd every week, club Suede also has an impressive roster of celebrity performers, guests and events that take place.

For example, the venue is host to many famous faces that love to grace Suede with their presence such as coronation street stars, geordie shore, footballers, big brother stars and more which is a testament to Suedes appeal in the party scene.

Continuing the praise of club Suede, despite its celebrity guest roster it’s also host to weekly student blowouts, uniquely enjoyable K-Pop nights, the heavily energised afrobeat parties, VIP events and concerts starring some of the biggest names in music including R Kelly, Trey Songz and Jesse Perez.

Something more laid back

Although Manchester has one of the biggest and busiest music scenes in the country not everyone is looking for an overhyped energetic lash on the town which is why Manchester has plenty of obscure, hidden away and quiet places to have a more relaxing drink. Hey, it wouldn’t be famous for its musical nightlife if there wasn’t something for everyone. So let’s run down some places where a less banging and more relaxing vibe is appreciated.

Behind Closed Doors

Phone: 0161 834 8148

Address: 93 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LW


If the loud energetic dance floor parties of Manchester aren’t really your glass of wine you can seek out some cheeky little speakeasy’s around the city. Manchester has a bunch of smaller and more hidden away bars which if you can find them, make for perfect drinking spots to just relax, listen to some nice music and have an entertaining evening.

One of these such places is Manchester’s speakeasy Behind Closed Doors. If you can find this incredibly easy to miss bar located in a basement beneath Oldham street, a bell has to be rung to enter whereupon you will be treated to a staircase leading to very vintage inspired decor, old TV’s, Persian rugs, mismatched mirrors, a selection of wine and drinks, a DJ booth made up of old shopping trolleys and comfortable seating for you to relax and conversate with your friends.

17 below

Phone: None, use enquiries form here to contact.

Address: 17 Bow Ln, Manchester M2 4FW


Continuing our trip of the dark and awesome is another underground hard to find a bar named 17 below. If you can find this purposely dark decorated bar you will be surprised to find it hosting an all 80’s themed night complete with retro 80’s video games to satisfy your nostalgic tendencies.

Along with 80’s music to groove to, funky leather seating, neon pac mans on the wall and pretty pink pool tables to complete the 80’s trip. You don’t have to be an 80’s baby to appreciate the decade and 17 below is exactly for people who want to do just that.

Located on 17 bow lane the bar is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 5-11pm and from 5-1pm on Fridays and Saturdays and is stocked with up to 26 different whiskies from around the globe including Ireland, Japan, America and Scotland.

So if you are one of the few lucky enough to find 17 below be prepared for a relaxing throwback evening to one of the more colourful decades of the 19th century.


Phone: 0161 834 7064

Address: 22 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF


What strangely started out as a photography studio, RedBankCo sometime after its conception seemed to have naturally mutated into a relaxing drinking spot for anyone looking for a relaxing establishment.

Staying true to its bizarre origins RedBankCo still has the photography studio set up and photoshoots can be arranged, however RedBankCo today is more of a quirky, placed on an old rail track kind of bar that still supports the original railway arches it was constructed with giving it a very authentic yet retro aesthetic.

Inside is far from a cold, dark old railway station and more of a cosy sofa filled whiskey lounge which also serves cocktails and £1 pizzas on quiz nights. So if you want your photograph professionally taken or you just want to sit in a converted underground establishment enjoying your whiskey on a winter sofa, RedBankCo has you covered.

If a daytime chill in a cosy establishment seems more like your style, then RedBankCo also have you covered here as well as they also serve coffee and brunch throughout the day.

The Wash House

Phone: 0161 839 5287

Address: 19 Shudehill, Manchester M4 2AF


The Washhouse is another bar that takes it’s secrecy to new heights. Masquerading itself as a simple laundrette, with a fun entrance into the bar through a dummy washing machine, the Wash House sounds like the base for a bond villain.Once you’re past the fake washing machine and inside the actual bar cocktails all round and a chic leather interior drapes the secret establishment. If you visit the Wash Houses website you will notice they have a facetious home page that imitates a standard laundrette website, however, on closer inspection, you will find the text to be more than non-helpful for your launderette needs.

The website humorously lists all the washing services it DOESN’T do and proudly remarks how they are NOT here to help with your launderette needs, however, if you’re looking to party in this secret venue a phone number is listed where bookings can be made, but take note, spontaneously turning up won’t get you in, and you may find yourself disappointed and being told to do your washing elsewhere.

So there we have it, whether you’re looking to turn up to Manchester and club hop from some of it’s most famous spots like tiger tiger, or you want to book a venue for your own private party like Suburbia, or maybe you prefer to just lounge about on a sofa drinking whiskey and having a calm night out, Manchester has it all.