Manchester is a major city in the UK and a favourite for many people due to its bustling atmosphere, friendly people and it’s incredible nightlife. Music is alive in Manchester as well as theatre, art and anything else you can think of that’s fun, so we thought we could go through a short list of fun random facts about Manchester even the most hardcore of Manchunians probably didn’t know.

So let’s get into why Manchester is so great.

Mummy Studies

Yes, as well as all the other great things you can do in Manchester and all the subjects you could sink your teeth into at Manchester University the city also has the world’s only degree in mummy studies. You can take a class at the University of Manchester which studies various mummification methods, practices and cultures which adopted these methods such as the Egyptians. The university also has a tissue bank which houses a collection of mummy samples, slides and human tissue from various ancient civilisations which practices mummification.

Vegan Beginnings

Over 200 years ago the ironically named William Cowherd preached his thoughts against an animal diet and proposed everybody become vegan. A chapel in Salford became the birthplace of Vegetarianism started by William Cowherd and his vegan followers were originally called Cowherdites before adopting the title vegetarians. What was the name of the chapel in Salford where vegetarianism started I hear you ask? Well…’The Beefsteak Chapel’…yeah.

Splitting Atoms

Manchester University has been home to many prominent figures in the world. Most recently BBC’s loved presenter Brian Cox is a Manchunian and graduate/professor at the University of Manchester. Ernest Rutherford who won the Nobel prize in 1908 for his extensive work on radiation and chemistry is widely credited with being the first person to originally split the atom in 1919 which led to the university renaming the physics lab ‘The Rutherford Building’ in honour of him.

Nations First Library

Donations from wealthy Manchunians Henry Chetham led to Manchester opening the nations very first free public library in 1953 occupying a building built in 1421. The library is now not only the first but the oldest active library in the English speaking world.

Rolls & Royce

As the legend goes, in 1904 a very important meal took place in the Midland Hotel. Attended by car salesman Charles Rolls and engineer Henry Royce together they came up with the concept of Rolls Royce and later that year launched the 1907 Silver Ghost. The car went on a virtually non-stop 14000-mile journey earning it the title at the time, of ‘the best car in the world.

First Programmable Computer

Computers today come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be incredibly small. One look at our smartphones is a testament to how far technology has come since the early days of huge computers that would take up entire floor spaces in rooms. In Manchester in 1948 at the famous university, the small-scale experimental machine was designed. Also known as the SSEM or nicknamed ‘the baby’, it is the worlds first programmable computer, it weighs half a ton, took up most space in a large room and was created by Sir Freddie Williams and Tom Kilburn.

The Revolution

The Industrial Revolution in the UK was a turning point for the nation’s industry and helped create many new jobs and technologies which pioneered life around the world in even the smallest ways. We all remember learning different aspects of the industrial revolution in school and where it’s impacts were heavy but what you may not know is Manchester is where the industrial revolution began. Castlefield, arguably one of the most important places in Manchester’s history was also dubbed Cottonopolis and through the 19th century, Manchester became a centre for the textile industry.

The Curry Mile

Manchester is a very cosmopolitan city and is welcoming to all cultures in all aspects ranging from clothing to music to theatre, arts, film, architecture and much much more. One of Manchester bright spots for food is Wilmslow Road dubbed ‘The Curry Mile’ for it’s extensive array of curry restaurants, takeaways, shisha lounges and general buzzing atmosphere but what you probably didn’t know is the nations favourite curry mile isn’t a mile long and although walking from one end to the other definitely seems like you’ve walked a mile, it’s only half of a mile. Still an impressive array of curry restaurants though.

Home of Kellogs

Cereal is a prominent breakfast choice for many of us. Whether your a cornflake man or a chocolatey coco pops guy or the more porridge loving Weetabix heads, we all love a good bowl of cereal and in the UK many of our favourite cereals come from the company ‘Kellogs’ who have been providing the UK with a healthy morning treat for decades. Kellogs home is located opposite the world famous Old Trafford football grounds.

Best UK City

To end our little blog of facts is the best fact of all, and yes it’s a fact not an opinion. During a world survey of the best cities to live in Manchester was voted 46th out of 150 world cities and number one in the UK beating London for two consecutive years and after all the little facts we’ve learnt today, is that such a surprise?

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