Manchester is one of Britains most popular and most cosmopolitan city known for its busy atmosphere, amazing nightlife, incredibly rich history and it serves as practically the music hub for the UK. All over the country musicians flock to Manchester to perform and watch performances as well as many world famous artists stopping on their tours to perform in Manchester.

If you’ve never experienced Manchester’s music scene or it’s comedy scene or just generally the homegrown talent displayed here, then have no worries as we’re going to take you through s short list today of Manchester’s best open mic nights. So if you fancy a night on the town to discover some amazing homegrown talent or perhaps you have some talent you wish to showcase yourself, get down to one of these bars and experience why Manchester’s music scene is so popular.

So starting in no particular order with:

Comedy Store, Deansgate

Comedy is a tough art to pursue as a lot of it relies on peoples reactions to it. Unlike most art which interpretation is the basis of, people liking or not liking something can have equally positive effects on a painting or whatever it is but with comedy, however, the reaction of the audience is detrimental to the comedians success and people responding badly or negatively can very rarely have a positive backlash.

At the Comedy Store, the infamous ‘King Gong’ open mic nights for comedians has become a positive testing ground for new budding comics who want to test their material. The crowd is famously hard to please and with a line-up consisting of up to 40 ats per night, there is no room to give a comedian a ‘chance’ beyond the opportunity to get up on stage.

Once on stage if the jokes fall flat, the crowd will most definitely let it be known. So if you want to relax and watch comics test their materials or if you think you’re funny enough to please this difficult crowd, then get down to the Comedy Store in Deansgate and experience what could be a funny night because of either good or bad jokes.

Thirsty Scholar, New Wakefield St

For a different type of open mic night following a more musical aesthetic check out the Thirsty Scholar. This quirky establishment which is adorably tucked away under a railway arch near Oxford St is one of the best and most fun live music venues in the city. The equally quirky named Tuesday Tony plays host to the night featuring lots of bands and live musicians performing as well as other up and coming artists.

So if you fancy a night with a little more edge and quirk pop down to the Thirsty Scholar and experience Manchester at it’s finest with the quirky interior, craft beers and vegetarian pub grub available this is the perfect quirky little spot to enjoy relax and enjoy some indie music.

Lass O Gowrie, Charles St

The Lass O’ Gowrie adopts a more laid back and very relaxed vibe and it’s become known in the city for its chilled ambience as well as the great ales and pies it serves. The pub has become known for hosting many music nights, events and gigs as well as it’s not quite popular open mic night which is on every Wednesday featuring regular acts and other up and coming independent acts from around the city for you to enjoy so if you want to get down to see someone perform or you’re just looking to kick back and watch some up and coming artists showcase their talent, then get on down to Lass O Gowrie.

Trof, Northern Quarter

One of the most legendary open mic nights in the city is the one at Trof. Trof runs an open mic night twice a month upstairs in there incredibly stylish bourbon bar. The atmosphere in this establishment is encouraging and friendly and everyone regardless of who they are. are encouraged to get up and perform something to showcase their talent.

The place get’s very busy and the open mic nights are usually slots available for anyone to perform before or after a featured act has performed and because of how busy this bar can get if you are considering giving a little performance you might want to think about getting there early or sorting your slot before everyone else. Also as if you need any extra motivation, but in case you do a free beer is offered to anyone who can get up and perform. Not bad at all.

Ape and Apple, John Dalton St

The weirdly named Ape and Apple is a traditional pub in the heart of the city and one of Manchester’s oldest free open mic nights and every Wednesday aspiring comedians are encouraged to take the stage and have a chance at making the audience laugh. Unlike the first place on this list, the crowd is a lot more friendly and is there to cater too and be tactful of aspiring comedians trying to figure out there jokes and deliveries.

The pressure to be a good comedian here is alleviated and replaced with the ambition to perfect your craft and a ten-minute slot is offered to each comic so even if you aren’t doing that well to begin with you can still finish your set. With a crowd this friendly and wonderful beers available, Ape and Apple is definitely a great spot for a relaxed evening with a few laughs and if you are a budding comic and want to perfect your craft then this establishment is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills

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