Tired of the same old drinking scene or routine? Pre-drinks at the local spoons then hop in a taxi and visit the same nightclub week in week out?

We realised that there are many bars that are hidden from the naked- eye when walking around the busy streets of Manchester and in our opinion we think it’s only right to share with you the best kept drunken secrets of Manchester.

Here are only 3 of the secret and ‘hidden’ bars located around this beautiful city.


Dusk till Pawn

When looking for this bar, don’t be surprised if you walk past it a few times out of confusion. This busy bar which has an amazing atmosphere has the makings of a perfect pawn shop making it the ideal speakeasy to cause a little cheeky confusion.

Once you open the door and take that leap through the bright neon-lights you will realise it is actually a drinking den which provides a new experience entirely.

The bar contains a retro jukebox and holds a dark atmosphere but once inside you won’t  want to leave, especially with their range of colourful cocktails.

If you want a new drinking experience then this is the perfect place for you, just don’t try and trade anything in!


The Washhouse

Washing clothes can be tedious and boring, but how about cleansing your drunken sole.

The Washhouse is one of the most secret and hidden bars inside Manchester’s huge city. At first glance you will be wondering why “that drunk idiot has stumbled out of a laundrette”, but don’t let this fool you.

The Washhouse is fronted as a laundrette and also upholds this reputation online, with the website listing the services they offer, but on closer inspection there are some clues to what you are in for.

To access the cocktail and drinks bar you have to physically go through a washing machine, this machine acts as a door where you will find a hidden cove of plush seating and fancy cocktails.

It is certainly a laundrette which will send you on a spin cycle!


Behind Closed Doors

This retro bar is one sleazy throwback!

Behind closed Doors is located in a basement beneath Oldham Street, to access it you will need to find there tiny doorway which is easily missed, and ring the buzzer.

Once inside you will be lead to a staircase which intern leads to a dark den of a vintage designed bar.

The bar features such things as retro TV’s, vintage chandeliers and mismatched mirrors to give you the ultimate throwback.

Often described as a ‘sleazy throwback with a sexy twist’ this bar isn’t for the faint hearted or notorious prudes.With the cocktails on offer consists of a furry cup or wet dream, it might not be there cup of tea.

Thank you for reading this article, for more fun hidden bars you can visit, follow the link below!

Hidden Bars in Manchester

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