Greater Manchester isn’t called great for nothing. There is plenty for everyone to do in Manchester, the city is entertaining enough to walk around and just discover. However, if you’re looking for more specific activities or places to visit while you’re in Manchester then we have a great list for you. 10 fun things to do in Manchester, starting with:

John Rylands library

The John Rylands Library, located in Manchester and part of Manchester University, the library was created over a hundred years ago as a gift to both Manchester and it’s amazing people. The library houses one of the worlds finest collections of rare books and manuscripts open to the public to read, research, study or just enjoy. The library hosts special events available for people to attend and each year over 250,000 people visit this amazing library, so whether you’re a student of Manchester University or not, or a resident of Manchester or not, you can visit and engage with one of the finest libraries the world has to offer.

Stan The T-Rex A picture of Stan the T-Rex

The most iconic dinosaur of all time is arguably the T-Rex. Immortalised for entire generations through the masterpiece film Jurassic Park, the T-Rex has gained pop culture status for it’s incredibly large intimidating body to it’s very small almost hilarious arms.
This incredible prehistoric creature can be seen in almost all his glory, at the Manchester Museum. A 65 million-year-old fossil named ‘Stan’ stands proudly on display and is the second most complete T-Rex ever found. With most his bones still intact, Stan is on display in a running pose, as though he is still on the hunt for his prehistoric prey. Dinosaur lover or not, this is more than an impressive piece of our planet’s history, and a genuine marvel to look at.

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

Elizabeth Gaskell was an English writer, biographer and short story writer who lives from September 1810 to November 1865. Her novels are often a source for historians, especially social historians who want a more accurate picture of what Victorian England was like. Elizabeth Gaskell’s novels offer a unique look into a past society. Her house, located on 84 Plymouth Grove, underwent a £2.5 restoration and is now open to the public and home to various exhibitions based on the writer’s life, her kitchen and servants hall is now an active tea room where people can enjoy a cup of tea and see where the famous novelist penned her work.
This is a perfect trip for anyone who wants to know and experience more about Elizabeth Gaskell or just for any general lover of literature and history.

Museum of Science and Industry

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is a large museum dedicated to displaying the development of science and technology specifically through the advancements and achievements throughout Manchester. There are many exhibitions and events all year round which change and some more regular permanent displays for you to nerd out too such as old cars, aircraft, trains, power displays such as electric and gas engines as well as displays in sewage, textiles computing and communication. This museum is perfect for history, science and general museum lovers. The Museum’s location is as historic as anything the museum displays, situated on the site of the world’s first railway station – Manchester Liverpool Road – Which opened in September of 1830.

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