Manchester’s Art Gallery, located in the heart of the city is one of the countries finest art museums with over 500,000 visitors a year, the gallery comprises of both classic and modern contemporary art in a deliberate attempt to spark debate and keep the conversation of art fresh and innovative. The gallery holds different exhibitions and events for established and new artists to showcase their talent to the public. As an artist or just an art lover, the Manchester Art Gallery is a brilliant visit for both fun and educational purposes.

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

The Stockport Air Raid Shelters give visitors a chance to experience 1940’s war-torn Britain in a safe and authentic environment. The Stockport Air Raid shelter which was made from carving the natural sandstone cliffs is a series of intricate and complicated underground tunnels which helped people to safety and was heavily used during the War. Visitors can experience what it was like for people in the 1940’s to terrifyingly escape attacks through state of the art audio guides, mementoes and souvenirs of the 1940’s are available in the museum gift shop.

Imperial War Museum A photograph of the exterior to the Imperial War Museum

Located in the borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, the museum’s main focus is primarily the conflicts of people and society. Manchester IWM is the first of the five branches to be located in the north of England and overlooks the Manchester Ship Canal, a location which was heavily bombed during the 1940’s Manchester Blitz. As well as all year round changes to the events and exhibitions the museum holds, it has an impressive array of permanent exhibitions on display such as wreckage on display in the museums’ main room from the 2001 September 11 World Trade Centre attacks.

Gallery Oldham

Gallery Oldham is an art gallery and exhibition located in Oldham, a town in Greater Manchester and features artwork and items from the galleries archives as well as newly commisioned art from local communities and international works. The gallery holds regular talks and tours, as well as arts and crafts workshops, events with local schools and residents and workshops open to everyone, are all a part of the museums’ regular programmes.
Gallery Oldham is one of the busiest art galleries’s in the country consisting of no permanent displays, the gallery is continuously keeping activities fresh with new tours, exhibitions and workshops.
Designed by Pringle Richard Sharratt, has a state-of-the-art learning facility and library and the gallery was completed in February 2002.

Royal Exchange Theatre

The Royal Exchange Theatre, located in Manchester, England is located in the city centre and is the perfect place for any arts and theatre lover. It is located in the centre of St Ann’s Square, Exchange Street, Market Street, Cross Street and Old Bank Street. The theatre hosts nine professional plays a year and gives an average of 350 performances a year, which means if you wanted to see one, it’s quite hard not too. The theatre also plays hosts to Folk, Jazz and Rock concerts, hosts discussions, debates, readings and literary events catering to all ages.
If you’re struggling on what to do in Manchester (which is near enough impossible) visit one of these five locations to experience Manchester at it’s most unique.

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