One agency struck me as being a phenomenal example of how some emerging UK escort agencies can provide a better level of service than even the more well-known brands. In fact, I was so impressed by my experience with them that I felt I had to write a post about my experience!

A Recommended Manchester Companionship Agency

My friend recommended me to visit a Manchester companionship agency called Mr Smith Escorts. I decided to book and test the waters, I was soon to have my socks blown off by both the level of service I received from the telephone operator, as well as the exceptional services my companion offered when I met her. It’s safe to say that any expectations I had were soon to be blown out of the water this night in what can only be described as the most spectacular, and sensual experience of my life.

First Impressions…

Upon first visiting their website, the first thing that struck me was their logo of a gentleman with his hand in his pocket, I thought it was great. I read the homepage and clicked through to the gallery of girls near me, I scrolled through and read a few profiles. I was soon to find a gorgeous model that I would book, her name was Peachy.
Peachy was a blonde girl with large breasts and a very “foxy” face. Her fashion sense seemed excellent and she was truly flawless. I decided to call and book after only 2 rings the operator picked up and welcomed me “Mr Smith Escorts, How can I help?”

Hello Mr Operator…

I asked the operator a few questions about the agency, followed by a few more about Peachy and what I could expect from my booking. I quizzed them about services and discretion, the operator was more than happy to keep answering my questions and treated my call with patience, whilst other agencies seem to be both not-forthcoming and in a “hurry” when you call them.


Once I had arranged my booking, it was time to prepare. My date was due a few hours away in Britannia Hotel which I had booked in Manchester. I had a bath, got dressed and prepared for my date. I was nervous, it had been months since I was last on a date and Peachy looked beautiful.

Image of Blonde & Busty Manchester Escort
An Image of Peachy from Mr Smith Escorts

Meeting and Eating with Peachy.

I arrived outside Britannia Hotel, Manchester, to find Peachy already standing there, early! I got out of my cab and introduced myself to Peachy, her eyes sparkled as she gave me a huge smile and shook my hand.

Picture of delicious MealI took Peachy by the arm and lead her to the dining room inside the hotel which I had chosen, we talked for a while and then ordered our food. During our dinner date, I had a great time and it was lovely to speak to such a friendly girl without any pressure.


Inviting Peachy to my Hotel Room.

Peachy seemed to be having a great time so I invited her back to my hotel room, she gave me a cheeky smile and agreed. The rest of the night was history.

Peachy was the fine balance between being an innocent girl outside of the bedroom and a naughty minx inside the bedroom. She loved to please me and could definitely be described as “a giver“.

Image of Bedroom


To Conclude.

Of all of the companionship agencies in Manchester which I have booked with so far, it’s Mr Smith Escorts which impressed me the most. This was due to the fact that they are such a new agency, but so set on providing their clients with an unforgettable service.

To all of the staff at Mr Smith Escorts, keep it up! Manchester needs a companionship service as reliable as you!

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